About Us

THE LEEEGH is a nonprofit organization certified by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) organization.

THE LEEEGH, Inc. stands for:



In each of these areas our staff and board members have written books, articles, implemented major change and strategic planning initiatives in nonprofits, and have provided training to improve the workings of nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies:

In Education, we are the authors of the new book, Leadership Development for Educators (Rowman and Littlefield, December, 2009, US Publication; Overleaf Publishing, March, 2010, India Publication.

In Energy, we have worked on Master Energy Plans for County governments, advised State Energy Offices and worked with faith based and other nonprofit institutions to promote energy efficiency and sustainability.

In Environment, we have published articles on sustainability and seek solutions to our environmental challenges that are cost effective and will lead to more resilient and viable organizations and businesses.

In Governance, we have written the best selling training program on Boards of Directors (www.biskeducation.com) and have worked with businesses and nonprofits for over twenty years on improving the governance of their organizations. In the area of Health, we have worked with health care oriented nonprofits, businesses and government agencies to help them develop their strategic plans, their publication strategies, their fundraising strategies, and improve operations.

Board Of Directors:

Herb Rubenstein
Diane Anderson
Rod Collins
Becky English
Phil Jones
Kristen LaBate
Jay Eubanks

Herb Rubenstein:

Herb Rubenstein is the Founder and Executive Director, THE LEEEGH. He is the co-author of Breakthrough, Inc.: High Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurial Organizations (Financial Times/Prentice Hall, 1999) and Leadership Development for Educators (Rowman and Littlefield, 2009), and the author of Leadership for Lawyers, 2ed. (American Bar Association, 2008), plus over 100 articles on business strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and improving how organizations function and deliver value. He also served as an Adjunct Professor of Strategic Planning George Washington University, and has been an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurism at George Mason University and Colorado State University. He has his law degree from Georgetown University, his Master of Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs, a graduate degree in sociology from the University of Bristol in Bristol, England and was a Phi Beta Kappa/Omicron Delta Kappa graduate from Washington and Lee University in 1974. His email address is Herb@sbizgroup.com and he can be reached at 347.916.1317. For more information about Herb Rubenstein Consulting, see www.herbrubenstein.com.

Diane Anderson:

Diane Anderson is the Director of Education and Board Member for The Leeegh, a nonprofit in education and other sectors, and also serves as the Direction of Education for Herb Rubenstein Consulting, a consulting firm in Denver. Diane has developed a comprehensive background in the fields of teaching, curriculum design, assessment, educational leadership, staff development, communications, and school administration. Diane’s experience in education spans over twenty five years, including teaching and program assessment for the United States Marine Corps and district work in Milwaukee Public Schools, Oceanside County Public Schools, and Jefferson County Schools where her position included writing county math standards, state standard alignment, and staff development. Diane became a legislative liaison for the district and member of the Superintendent Jane Hammond’s Teacher Cabinet. Diane has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the Univ.of Wisconsin as well as graduate work at C.S.U. and U.C.D. Diane is preparing to complete graduate studies at the University of Denver in Educational Leadership.

In 2002, Diane’s focus turned to school administration in the private sector. Diane’s areas of expertise expanded to instructional leadership, school management, innovative curriculum design, including STEM programs, assessment, ACIS accreditation, and speaking engagements. Diane is currently the Board Chair of JEEP, a Colorado nonprofit working to create educational partnerships with a particular emphasis on P20 campuses, career academies, and STEM programs. Diane is currently working with representation from charter schools, Colo. School of Mines, NREL, Redrocks Community College, and Jeffco Schools. Diane was asked to serve on Gov. Ritter’s P20 committee, and worked with educational state leaders as one of the contributing authors for Colorado’s 2010 Race to the Top proposal. Diane has two grown sons; Ryan, a Denver artist and teacher, and Greg, currently completing his Bachelor Degree.

Rod Collins:

Rod Collins is the founder and owner of Wiki-Management, a Denver-based management consulting firm. Rod helps companies make the leap to extraordinary performance by showing them how they can gain quick access to the most untapped resource in almost every business: the collective knowledge of its own people. By learning how to leverage this rich resource, business leaders are able to transform slow-moving hierarchical bureaucracies into agile collaborative communities.

Collins is the former chief operating executive of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program, one of the nation’s largest and most successful business alliances, with over $19 billion in annual revenues. Under his leadership, the business increased its market share by 16 percentage points, and year after year, set new records for operational and financial performance.

Rod is the author of Leadership in a Wiki World: Leveraging Collective Knowledge to Make the Leap to Extraordinary Performance. He also writes a weekly blog on management innovation, which highlights how the most successful business leaders are reinventing management to stay ahead of today’s ever-accelerating pace of change.

Rebecca English:

Rebecca "Becky" English is a sustainability consultant for Herb Rubenstein Consulting and a member of the Executive Committee. She brings senior-level experience in environmental compliance, public policy, marketing, communications, and training to her work helping businesses to compete successfully in the carbon-constrained global economy. She assists firms to align their business strategies with leadership's most profound sustainability values, despite current upheavals in the financial, technical, and regulatory environments. Through developing plans with boards, senior management, and key personnel, Becky works with companies to move from sustainability awareness to fully integrated best practices, providing significant competitive advantage.

Becky facilitates implementation of various existing sustainable practices templates, or, if more sophisticated dynamic system analysis is required, she can engage management in preparation of custom mathematical simulation models to facilitate decision making. Implementation includes measurement and disclosure of the firm's carbon footprint, and creating sustainability across all operations and functions, and throughout the supply chain.

Becky serves on Sierra Club's Colorado executive committee, and chairs the Energy Committee for the Rocky Mountain Chapter. She develops public policy with representatives from business, NGOs, regulatory bodies, utilities, and government. She provides services to a number of civic and environmental organizations.

Becky earned her M.A. from the University of Utah in Journalism & Mass Communications and B.A. from the University of Colorado (Boulder) in Communication.

Phil Jones:

Phil Jones’ career path has lead him through retail, manufacturing and warehousing businesses, government operations, not-for-profit organizations and his own business ventures in consulting and product development. Mr. Jones has worked for both large and small companies, supervised up to 100 employees, as well as developed and managed budgets as large as $8 million and tracked inventories reaching $3 billion. He has worked in executive, management and front line positions, and sat on numerous boards of directors and advisory councils. During his career, Phil has worked for or with well over 300 companies and organizations.

Mr. Jones received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Washburn University of Topeka and then pursued graduate-level studies in Public Administration at the University of Kansas. Phil’s experience includes working with various organizations in strategic planning, capacity building, program and operations development, public relations and customer service, fund-raising and finance development, budget forecasting, marketing and integration of computer technologies.

In his spare time, Phil enjoys pursuing his second career as a visual artist and spending time with family and friends. He lives and works in Denver, CO.

Kristen LaBate:

Kristen earned her B.A. from Pacific Lutheran University in International Relations and focused her degree in large scale conflict management and has a minor in Journalism. After her graduation in 2007 she headed to Washington DC to serve in AmeriCorp as a Program Associate for Thurgood Marshall Academy.

At Thurgood Marshall Academy she provided after school programming for students in grades 9-12. She facilitated the eleventh grade law firm tutoring program and the Anti-Defamation League diversity trainings.

Kristen is currently working at REI which supports her love for the great outdoors and dabbles in entrepreneurship as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International.

Kristen is excited to serve on the board of the LEEEGH and hopes to develop a volunteer program with a strong infrastructure that supports the LEEEGH's initiatives. She believes education, sustainability, and social justice are key in developing active citizens and engaging communities.

Jay Eubanks

John (Jay) Eubanks is a government policy and management expert. Mr. Eubanks has worked with numerous Federal, State, and Local government to improve strategic and management policies to provide the best services to their citizens. He has served a senior advisor for elected official, senior government officials, and executive leaders. Mr. Eubanks has been a featured speaker for government management conference.

Jay works with the LEEEGH on education reform. Jay grew up with two parents that were both teachers. Understanding the importance of education, it has been his focus and passion to support the expansion and enhancement of education. As a former candidate for school board, he began his focus on the issues that face our educational system. He is working to bring the focus of education reform to the classroom through Leadership for Educators. Working with Herb Rubenstein, LEEEGH Executive Director and author of the classroom focused initiative - Leadership for Educators, the focus of the work is to change the current static role of teachers as leaders into a dynamic vision of that all teachers are inherently teachers. Leadership for Educators will bring training and awareness of the skills, techniques, roles, and audiences of leadership for teachers.

Mr. Eubanks lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife and son. Jay still maintains close ties to his home state of Arizona. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in American Political Studies. Until a career changing arm injury, Jay was a student-athlete in college. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys researching the history of the Presidents of the United States.